Kelsey Bovey – Not Scared Anymore EP

If country at its core is all about the song, as Ward Thomas believe it to be, then it’s no wonder that Kelsey Bovey was sitting pretty at the top of the UK chart this week. Her new EP Not Scared Anymore may be full of that sweet and sassy pop sound that has come to be a staple of the modern genre. But encased within is evidence of a supremely talented songwriter. If Catherine McGrath is the leader in female country-pop on this side of the Atlantic, then Kelsey is part of the next wave, displaying lyrical excellence through a voice that is yet to reach maturity, but nevertheless offers a clarity and softness of tone that enables the words to truly shine.

Each song on this EP begins with a distinctive nod to modern country before taking on an easy listening riff that cascades seamlessly into a tremendously catchy chorus. Yet it is the lines and phrases of the stories that she tells amidst this musical framework that really caught my attention. I tuned in attentively on every song to what she had to say, discovering in the process what I think are germinations of a career that will be defined by her songwriting. She joins the likes of Kaity Rae and Jess Thristan in demonstrating a real talent for lyrics which, on this EP, have been mixed well in the production to allow them to stand out.

Not Scared Anymore is an excellent follow on from her debut EP Define Me twelve months ago. She has definitely grown in confidence between the two, and there appears to be plenty of potential still to fulfil. Kelsey Bovey is a gifted lyricist, and Not Scared Anymore certainly demonstrates that.

Click here to listen to the EP on Spotify.

Featured Image (C) Kelsey Bovey

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