Sabine – Heart of Mine EP

I hate feeling down. For the most part, lockdown has served me well. As an introvert, I’ve been quite happy cooped up in my room for long periods, enjoying the simple life: reading, writing, contemplating. Today though, I seem to have hit a brick wall. In an attempt to lift me out of my low mood, I have taken to listening to music. And among my choices has been Heart of Mine, the new EP from Sabine. It has proved to be a godsend, both coming alongside me in my current emotional state, as well as feeding me with a sense of hope. The lyrics of ‘Colour Will Come Back’ sum it up quite well:

‘My heart is all wrapped up, covered in stone/ All that I was is better than now/ But I live in hope that colour will come back’

This seems to be the theme running through all four tracks, and is perfectly expressed by the music that surrounds their thoughtful, introspective lyrics. The slow beat and reflective vocals give the songs a melancholic edge. Yet in the high notes, as well as the pop elements that are wrapped around a folk-country core, there is a sense of optimism. It is the sound of slow release; of stepping into freedom. None more so than on ‘Over’, which bookends the EP, the chorus simple in its message but so emotionally arresting in its delivery, particularly when it comes to the second, acoustic, version. I couldn’t help but see the appearance of two birds outside my window, who sat on the fence against the backdrop of a grey sky, as a reflection of this last song. Their presence, alongside the sound of Sabine’s gently resonant vocals, brought a touching smile to my face; a moment of renewed confidence in the face of the downbeat. This is just what I needed. Heart of Mine was the perfect tonic to both capture my spirits and attempt to turn them around.

Click here to listen to the EP.

To find out more about Sabine, click here.

Featured Image (C) Sabine Official

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