Welcome! Croeso!

My name is Gareth and I am a writer based in North Wales.

I live a lot of my life encountering the arts. This site is particularly dedicated to reviewing:

  • UK Country Music (documenting its rise over here in the UK through album/EP reviews and interviews)
  • The Welsh Arts Scene (shouting about the great original TV dramas, talented singer-songwriters, and theatre shows coming out of my home nation of Wales)

After developing my skills as an arts critic with Young Critics North Wales, I currently write for online arts magazine Get the ChanceĀ and UK country music site Belles & Gals.

If you would like me to review your music or production then feel free to contact me via the relevant link.

I also write poetry and experiment with creative non-fiction. Much of what I write touches on my personal experience of faith, religion, spirituality, mental health, nature, and everyday life. Let me know your thoughts on my latest musings šŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting!

Why ‘Desperately Lost City’?

The name for this blog is an amalgamation of three television shows that had a significant formative effect on my life: Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Holby City.

The latter was the first ‘adult’ TV programme I ever watched. It became a routine appointment of my week. A couple of years later, Desperate Housewives appeared on TV. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Shortly after,Ā LostĀ appeared. Needless to say, I became completely engrossed and obsessed with both. They were two juggernauts that heralded a completely different kind of television. They represent the start of a journey that has kept the arts, in its various forms, at the centre of my life ever since.

There’s something about those quiet places…

My very first blog post from my very first blog which, although now disappeared into the ether of space and time, was a great learning curve in establishing my confidence to publicly share my thoughts with the world…

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