Katie Nicholas – ‘Feather’ EP, Launch Show

There is genuine surprise from Katie Nicholas as she greets the crowd at the launch of her EP ‘Feather’. The Scouse singer-songwriter can’t quite believe that “you guys are actually at a gig to hear songs written by me”. It is nothing short of a pleasure to be here though in the hallowed space of … More Katie Nicholas – ‘Feather’ EP, Launch Show

Elin Grace – Bee Without Wings

One of the most exciting talents coming through this year’s Forté project is surely 18-year-old Elin Grace. The singer-songwriter from Mid Wales has just released an EP of sheer brilliance. ‘Bee Without Wings’ may only be her debut release but it demonstrates a maturity far beyond her years. Lyrically complex, sonically fascinating, vocally mesmerising, the … More Elin Grace – Bee Without Wings

Rachel Walker Mason – Colour Me Violet

Rachel Walker Mason is not a name familiar to many but her reputation extends far and wide within the music industry. The award-winning Bristol-based songwriter has penned songs for artists right across the spectrum, including country music. But she has saved three for herself which have just been released as the EP ‘Colour Me Violet’. … More Rachel Walker Mason – Colour Me Violet

Sunflower Thieves – Someone to be there for

Sunflower Thieves are one of the best discoveries I’ve made in 2022 so far. Their lo-fi, indie-folk sound really is something to savour. It makes their debut EP ‘Someone to be there for’ a delectable delight to listen to. The five tracks carry you away into an almost dream-like state, floating on the duo’s soulful … More Sunflower Thieves – Someone to be there for

Megan O’Neill – Time (I Thought You Were on My Side)

There is an argument that Megan O’Neill has changed direction with her new EP ‘Time (Thought You Were on My Side)’. Yet I prefer to think that she is simply building on what has gone before. This latest release may have far more electro-pop production than we have witnessed previously but she does not completely … More Megan O’Neill – Time (I Thought You Were on My Side)

Eleri Angharad – A Merry Eleri Christmas

Welsh singer-songwriter Eleri Angharad is ending a successful 2021 on a suitably festive note. A Merry Eleri Christmas is a pleasant four-track EP that returns to her folk roots whilst retaining an element of that experimental pop that worked so well on her debut EP, Nightclub Floor. Opening track ‘Homemade Christmas’ certainly evokes the feel … More Eleri Angharad – A Merry Eleri Christmas

Eleanor Nelly – The Best is Yet to Come

The new EP from Eleanor Nelly is nothing short of superb. The Liverpool-based singer-songwriter has produced a record that is full of catchy tunes. They exude a new-found self-confidence that has emerged from the ashes of a previous relationship. No wonder the title declares that ‘The Best is Yet to Come’. On opening track ‘Colour-Blind’, … More Eleanor Nelly – The Best is Yet to Come