Kelsey Bovey – I Found Me

Kelsey Bovey is becoming a force to be reckoned with. After the release of her Not Scared Anymore EP back in the summer, her latest single I Found Me continues to blaze a trail for her brand of catchy country-pop. The song hits the ground running with a classic modern country vibe that builds to an expansive bridge before throwing the doors wide open on a chorus that perfectly captures the sense of freedom contained within it. The lyrics, co-written with Danny McMahon, underscore once more what a gifted lyricist Bovey is, with the lines being so beautifully interwoven into the instrumental composition as to reflect the relationship of the two characters in the song’s story. The line “When I found you, I found me” exemplifies this, with the interpersonal nature of identity construction challenging the perceived wisdom that the discovery of self is found only by searching within. I Found Me embodies this, not only in its lyrical content but in its very production, Kelsey working with McMahon and Puzzle Maker Studios to create a track that “has captured my sound perfectly”. It is a sound that’s difficult to hate and easy to love.

Listen to ‘I Found Me‘ on Spotify here.

Originally written for Belles & Gals.

Featured Image (C) Kelsey Bovey

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