Molly-Anne – Autumn Leaves EP

autumn leaves

I am sat listening to Molly-Anne’s new EP Autumn Leaves on a sunny but chilly afternoon. After a night of hard frost, the sun has finally managed to break through, leaving a watery coat on the red, yellow, brown and green of the trees and bushes. They glisten gently in the garden, a decorative space that is busy with birds. A magpie stops temporarily on top of the hedge in front of me. I imagine him there, for a moment, pausing for breath as he takes in the melodious sound emanating from my phone.

‘Little Cove’ is playing, a sweet little track sandwiched in the middle of Autumn Leaves. It captures perfectly the soft, daydreaming tones of this Gloucestershire-based artist whom I managed to catch at Buckle & Boots earlier this year. Then, she was reminiscing about her time in California, her songs fizzing with the brightness and optimism of summer. Now, she is much more mellow and contemplative. Autumn Leaves captures beautifully the changing of the seasons from autumn to winter. The rawness of its live recording, in which the gentle but unproduced vocals of Molly-Anne come through with startling clarity, act like a metaphor for the weather outside: the cold slowly starting to bite down on the warmth of the sun’s rays.

The sun’s light remains undimmed however. The magpie’s coat flashes resplendently in it before he flies off. He misses out on the high and hopeful tones of ‘Yellow Sky’, the final and best track on the EP. The sound of the guitar here is heartening, speaking of promise and urging expectancy. It makes me think, as my window begins to cloud over, masking the radiant colours of autumn, that even as the dark nights close in, this season is not over just yet. Nature retains a sense of vibrancy. And even when it finally gives way to winter, the calm and spirited delivery of Molly-Anne signals that spring is never too far away.

molly anne

“I’ll be yours under the Cornish sun until morning comes”

“I hope the wind blows you back to me”


Visit Molly-Anne’s website here to order your copy (only 100 available)

Featured Image (C) Molly-Anne Music

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