Lily Garland – Rise From the Ashes EP

lily garland rata 2

It has been a tough day. And on tough days, music is one of the things that sees me through. Earlier I drove to work listening to the meditative sounds of Wildwood Kin. This evening, I just wanted a pick me up. I had planned on listening to Lily Garland’s new EP Rise Above the Ashes anyway. I am so glad that I did. Her rock-infused sound was the perfect tonic. I write this with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour. Garland knows how to lift one’s spirits.

Think Liv Austen. Think Carrie Underwood. The opening title track certainly seems to borrow from the latter’s ‘Before He Cheats’. Its opening lyrics include the lines: “I took your keys, dug them in your car and slashed all four tyres”. Garland has attitude. She means business. The sprinkling of piano alongside revved up guitars adds sass and style. She says that “I wanted to write a track that felt empowering”. Well, Lily, you have done just that.

She describes the rest of the EP as a retrospective of her musical journey so far. It is one that is filled with good vibes and catchy sounds. ‘He’s Not the One’ is a luscious piece of music that has been marinated in gospel and slow cooked in soul. ‘Time to Fly’ is much more poppy, evoking many a chart hit from the late-90s/early noughties. It was exactly the kind of song that I was looking for to bring a beaming smile to my face.

It is a smile that remains there as the anthemic ‘I’m Coming For You’ finishes. I end the day in a much better place than I started. It may not be festive, but Garland has, nevertheless, brought some real cheer to the Christmas season.

lily garland rata

“The maker of her destiny, the keeper of her faith”

My bruises may have healed but my mind is still the same”

Visit Lily Garland’s website here to order your copy.

Featured Image (C) Lily Garland Music

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