Vic Allen – Enough EP

With catchy chorus lines, infectious instrumentation, and superb storytelling, Vic Allen’s new EP is a tantalising revelation. Each of its four tracks has been distilled to perfection, producing a lyrical clarity that benefits from a paired back production. Title track Enough exemplifies this, its unpretentious bass line and background harmonies serving to support the first-class lyrics, ensuring that the story remains central. It is clear that the supremely talented Kaity Rae is at work here, producing a slick sound that sticks with you long after the songs have ended. This is most true of second track Talk, a Catherine McGrath-style song with a touch of RnB. The repetitiveness of its chorus is an enjoyable riff rather than an annoying pop fad, perhaps because the music serves the needs of the narrative. This is certainly true of the subtle fades in Ghost Town, which help pitch the tone perfectly as a lament to a lost relationship. It is a country-pop ballad of the very best kind, a haunting metaphor for a once-vibrant, now-faded love. Final track Give Up is further proof that Allen’s first priority will always be honest and compelling songwriting. Written solely by her, it is also evidence that it is not just the hand of Kaity Rae that makes this a brilliant EP. The acoustic setting for this song allows the raw emotion of Allen’s situation to be fully exposed, offering a candid insight into just how tough the path of an independent musician can be. When such hard-fought steps lead to an EP of this quality though, one can only express a deep gratitude for her continuing on the journey. I suspect, given the brilliance of this country-pop offering, that there are much smoother, more rewarding times ahead. I certainly hope so because Enough is not enough. Vic Allen definitely leaves you wanting more.

Originally written for Building Our Own Nashville.

Featured Image (C) Vic Allen Music

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