Amy-Jo – Valentine’s Day

Amy-Jo is both celebrating and breaking stereotypes in her latest single ‘February 14th’. She puts Valentine’s Day firmly under the microscope by way of some astute storytelling. Observations range from the traditional guy ready to woo his girl with roses to the plucky man taking a risk on another who may actually be straight. Amy-Jo explores the full spectrum of love through a series of colourful vignettes, showcasing young romance and faithful longevity with such precise description that beautifully marks the happiness and sadness, joy and pain, that comes with lives intertwined. The twist is that all of these romantic notions are no longer Amy-Jo’s own, as the chorus goes on to reveal that “it’s my first time spending Valentine’s alone”. There is no despondency at this fact however, the subtle change of gear in the largely-acoustic track making it clear that she is grateful “that it is only me [this year]”. In a similar way to Tenille Townes (‘When’s It Gonna Happen?’), Amy-Jo finds strength in her singleness, focusing on self-care and content that, at this moment, she’s “exactly where I’m s’pose to be”. Such words make for a refreshing take on the ideology of coupledom usually associated with February 14th. A great antidote for those dreading this time of year.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on 10th January 2023.

Featured Image (C) Amy-Jo Clough

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