Emma Svensson – ‘Runs in the Family’

Swedish singer-songwriter Emma Svensson is continuing the cosy Christmas feeling into 2023 with her new single, ‘Runs in the Family’. She captures the closeness of family and the continuation of long-standing traditions by telling of childhood trips to the mountains which she is now undertaking with her own kids. She does so through strong imagery that holds a cinematic quality. The line “packed like sardines in the back of a Volvo”, for example, instantly paints a picture that will evoke memories for many a listener with similar experiences of the annual holiday. She also sums up the strength of relationship that can exist between family members succinctly in the chorus line “one phone call and they’ll be there” which, when wrapped in a mixture of rock and pop, and peppered with plenty of classic country elements, makes for a song that is warm and snug. An enjoyable and entertaining track.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on January 9th 2022.

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