Shay Gaston – Since Seventeen

Take one listen to Shay Gaston’s ‘Since Seventeen’ and it’s hard not to become an instant fan. The Reading-based singer is surely one of the most exciting newcomers to the UK Country scene in 2022 with this, her debut single. There is a clear and obvious link to the music of Taylor Swift, of whom she is a big fan. But there are also strong comparisons to be made with the music of Catherine McGrath and Vic Allen. It is particularly reminiscent of Allen’s ‘Enough’ in terms of its sound, while favouring the kind of subject matter that McGrath deals with so well in her inimitable country-pop style. ‘Since Seventeen’ is instantly likable thanks to its catchy chorus line and infectious guitar riffs, with Gaston’s brooding vocals drawing the listener into a story of heartbreak and heartache that has never sounded so good. The official lyric video only adds to the narrative, capturing in its image that sense of yearning within its lines. As debut singles go, this is one of the best.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on August 29th 2022.

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