Hawthorn Avenue – Ticket Home

Simplicity sometimes makes for the best songs. Hawthorn Avenue’s new single, ‘Ticket Home’, may have only a one-line chorus, but there’s something about its arrangement that captivates. The combination of tambourine, banjo, drums and guitar somehow work together to create a vibrant sound over which the duo’s gently flowing vocals sail. This extends to the song’s verses as well, which celebrate the perseverance, support and presence of another on the lost, lonely, hard and sometimes painful journey called life. They build subtly as the song progresses, from an intro that is reminiscent of ‘I Could Use a Love Song’ (Maren Morris) but without veering into pop territory, remaining ever-faithful to a distinct Americana sound that is as satisfying as the sunset on the cover image. This comes to define the beauty of this lovesong to some extent, the harmonies of Laura and Marcus contributing to a winning formula that is anything but complicated. It prepares the way for what is sure to be a charming new EP, if this title track is anything to go by.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on July 26th 2022.

Featured Image (C) Hawthorn Avenue

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