The Pact – BBC

There is a moment during the final episode of BBC1 drama The Pact when its writer, Pete McTighe, attempts to deconstruct the truth. Julie Hesmondhalgh’s character Nancy, one of the four women caught up at the centre of a murder investigation, begins a Shakespearean dialogue with her priest (Mark Lewis-Jones), telling him that we all … More The Pact – BBC

Fflam – S4C

The recent S4C series Fflam was a slow-burner. I came to it with much intrigue and anticipation given the concept and acting talent. The idea of a woman, Noni, seeing her dead husband, Tim, again, after years believing he had died in a fire, sounded like the perfect spark from which to ignite a gripping … More Fflam – S4C

Enid a Lucy – S4C

Writer Siwan Jones blends social realism and surrealist comedy in the most delightful way in Enid a Lucy. The S4C mini-series, which came to a rather abrupt end on Sunday night, made for an entertaining and enjoyable drama. Termed the ‘Welsh Thelma and Louise’ by some news outlets prior to broadcast, Eiry Thomas and Mabli … More Enid a Lucy – S4C

Keeping Faith – Part of a Golden Age for Welsh TV Drama?

Having just watched the final episode of Keeping Faith on BBC Wales, I’m asking myself: Is this a golden age for Welsh television drama? Hinterland was critically-acclaimed. Bang featured in the national press. Gwaith/Cartref continues to be a marker for quality Welsh-language drama. Parch has just entered its third series. And Craith will be broadcast … More Keeping Faith – Part of a Golden Age for Welsh TV Drama?

Hold the Sunset – Raising a Smile, but not a Laugh

It seems that most new sitcoms should be given time to grow. Look back at early episodes of Blackadder and Dad’s Army for instance, and they don’t really compare to later series. Sometimes, it takes a while for the cast to gel, the writers to really know their characters, and the public to really take … More Hold the Sunset – Raising a Smile, but not a Laugh