Reya Jayne – Bet She Doesn’t Know

Reya Jayne returns with a brand new single to kick off 2023, and it’s a real belter. ‘Bet She Doesn’t Know’ opens with a strong beat that has more and more of an impact as the song progresses. Borrowing from Carrie Underwood’s rockier back catalogue, it delivers a real punch in the gut to any guy who thinks he can get away with cheating on his girl with another. The killer line “I don’t want to be… your last kiss before you go and get on one knee” is but one example from the excellent set of story-led lyrics that Reya Jayne delivers to help create a short, sharp and punchy track. The final bridge, including the line “I didn’t know… but I hope she knows I didn’t know”, adds a touch of vulnerability to sure up the female solidarity at the heart of this well-written song.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on February 2 2023.

Featured Image (C) Reya Jayne

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