Jess and the Bandits – Emotional Baggage

Beneath the light exterior of Jess and the Bandits’ latest single is a serious message about life as a working mum. ‘Emotional Baggage’ comes from lead singer Jessica Clemmons’ own experience of trying to manage a career with two sons in tow. The result is a song that contains many scenes from the typical parent’s life, reflected on with irony and humour to make it endearing to many a listener. The chorus line “I got a house full of kids and a husband that speaks another language” will certainly go down well with fellow mothers, who will no doubt recognise the strength in “I’ve got emotional baggage / It ain’t nothing I can’t manage”. Jessica straddles the line between authentic struggle and observational wit really well, creating something relatable and relevant, especially for those in a similar position to herself. Wrapped up in Texas-style Country swing, ‘Emotional Baggage’ is definitely a song to be enjoyed even as it has something to say.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on 24th September 2022.

Featured Image (C) Jess and the Bandits

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