Sunflower Thieves – Someone to be there for

Sunflower Thieves are one of the best discoveries I’ve made in 2022 so far. Their lo-fi, indie-folk sound really is something to savour. It makes their debut EP ‘Someone to be there for’ a delectable delight to listen to. The five tracks carry you away into an almost dream-like state, floating on the duo’s soulful harmonies and drifting down the river of their gentle guitar-led sound. It is easy to get lost in the mystical atmosphere that surrounds their lyrics, the choruses of which in particular are exquisite.

I love the incongruity of “sirens” and “silence” in opening track ‘Sirens’; the mix of wonder and strangeness in ‘Lichtenberg Figures’; the simplicity and profundity of ‘I Don’t Know Why’. It is these thought-provoking lines from ‘34 Days’ that stand out for me though – “People have tried to be there for me, I know it’s kind/ But daffodils drown in the water if there is no sunlight” – and which mark them out as fantastically-talented songwriters.

The poetic quality of their observations alongside their luscious sounds has given them a winning formula for success, and places them firmly and deservedly among their contemporaries. These include Rona Mac, Wildwood Kin and First Aid Kit, fans of which will be highly amenable to the music of this Leeds-based band. Their impact is sure to stretch far wider than that with this EP however, which for me is simply stunning.

Featured Image (C) Sunflower Thieves

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