Daisy Chute – Secondhand Heart

The new single from Daisy Chute is terribly beautiful. ‘Secondhand Heart’ could be described as a tragic love story, told in the most delicate way. The strings of the guitar are plucked so gently, Daisy’s vocals meandering alongside them so naturally, as to give the track a dream-like quality. Snippets of jazz and touches of classical composition combine to add to this otherworldly feel. One can really sense the mystery, the risk at the centre of this song’s story, of embarking on a new relationship but carrying into it the baggage from previous ones.

There is a genuine touch of fate about it all, as Daisy laments that “we’ve met before and loved before and lost before today”. As much as the soundscape captivates, the lyrics plunge one into the despair, contained in the lines “right from the start/ my secondhand heart/ tore us apart”. It is heart-rending stuff, conveyed in exquisite fashion. No wonder the accolades keep on coming for Daisy. If ‘Secondhand Heart’ is this good, then her upcoming EP ‘Songs of Solace’ is sure to be pure gold.

Originally written for and published on Belles & Gals on 6th August 2021.

Featured Image (C) Daisy Chute

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