Becky Lawrence – What is Life?

On her new single, ‘What is Life’, Becky Lawrence has delivered one of the catchiest choruses of 2021. It is impossible not to feel inspired by the uplifting vocals on this guitar-led track. The Manx singer-songwriter sounds like she is smiling throughout as she muses on the meaning of life in typical folk fashion. It gives the song a charming depth. It feels deeply spiritual and soul-searching. It invites the listener to ponder on the questions she puts forward. Its overall outlook is one of living in the moment; and it is difficult to argue anything different given the lilt in her voice and the spring in guitar player Dave Griffin’s step. I found the end-of-chorus harmony particularly pleasing, adding extra weight to the final lines, “Don’t look back on yesterday/ ‘Cause it won’t change”.

It is hard not to be convinced of the merits of this forward-looking stance; to not wallow in regret, or while away the hours in front of a screen to suddenly realise that life has passed you by. As such, ‘What is Life’ feels very encouraging as well as timely. It continues the positive messages of the past year: that time spent with others is to be valued; and time to stop and look at the world in front of us is not to be taken for granted. What more do we need right now than to be reminded of such things?

You can listen to the single here.

Originally published on Belles & Gals on 20th March 2021.

Featured Image (C) Becky Lawrence

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