Eleri Angharad – New Sin

With her new single comes a new sound for Eleri Angharad. The Swansea-based singer-songwriter is getting dark and going deep with New Sin, a song about “two lovers, locking eyes and beginning a steamy love affair”.

She has stepped away from her country and folk roots for this one, entering into a sultry pop production that perfectly captures the steamy atmosphere and intimate setting of the track. The slow tempo contributes toward its shadowy feel, with Eleri’s deep vocal adding to the overall moodiness of a song that is decidedly different from her previous material.

New Sin does not feel like a complete change of direction for Eleri however. The evocative lyrics are still there, conveying the seductive and sensuous nature of the song’s forbidden love story with aplomb. Instead, this track feels like an extension to her repertoire, sitting nicely alongside the smoky and alluring sounds of Stronger Stuff and Don’t Take Me Home respectively, from her debut album ‘Earthbound’.

New Sin sees Eleri exploring the path of pop music unapologetically and successfully. There is no wrongdoing as far as I can see in her decision to create a track that perfectly captures the essence of the song’s story. In fact, the only thing I can accuse her of is the sense of intrigue, stirred up by this track, over what she will produce next.

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