An Interview with Izzie Walsh

‘Balcony’ is the brand-new single from Manchester-based artist Izzie Walsh. Here, she tells us all about it, as well as life in lockdown, her recent TV appearance, and her passion for the music industry.

Hi Izzie! You’re about to release your brand-new single ‘Balcony’. Can we expect a continuation of your unique country/bluegrass sound? Or does it differ from your previous material?

Instrument wise it’s a touch different to my previous releases but it is still definitely unique and has my original stamp on it, I hope people will enjoy a fresher sound. I like to evolve with the times and but always be true to myself.

Could you tell us a bit about the story behind the song?

Balcony is me putting everything on the line; it’s heartfelt, raw and about missing the people you love.

Could you give us an insight into the creative process? How did the song come together under coronavirus restrictions?

I had a lot of cool creatives working on this song (Izzy Baker – Violin, Chloe Jones – Backing Vocals, Simon Gibson – Producer, bass, electric guitar) They really brought it together with their talent and individuality. It started with a melody and the line ‘I watch the lights go out on this Beautiful Balcony’ which I actually wrote last year before Covid but it really developed into something that hopefully can be relatable to everyone.

What else have you been up to during lockdown?

Learning about the world, particularly where and how I want my music to be part of it (if it’s allowed to be).

What challenges and opportunities have you faced as an independent musician in particular?

God, where do I start with this one… let me just say it seems that there are enough people who want music and the world needs music 100% but it’s just so hard to get started and everything needs that awkward entity called money. I’m just so glad there are a small minority of people who want to help rather than hinder.

You appeared in a Sky News report recently on the effects that Tier 3 restrictions would have on Manchester (this was prior to the national lockdown that came into force on November 5th). How did the opportunity to feature come about?

From one of the real good guys of the industry, one who supports young talent and wants it to develop instead of being left out in the cold. Take a bow Jonny Booth. We have to think to the future.

How concerned are you about the future for Manchester’s music venues? What further support would you like to see for them and others within the music industry going forward?

I am concerned, we all should be. These venues are the root of our culture and what we build the live music scene on. If we don’t support them just like if we don’t support the artists they will cease to exist.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, aside from the current crisis, what would it be, and why?

Music should be about the musician and them creating art. I don’t think music has a particular level playing field, so I’m just going to show grit and determination to get where I want to be.

Finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the months ahead? Is there more new music on the horizon to look forward to?

Definitely new music on the way, this is only the beginning.

Thanks for your time!

Click here to listen to ‘Balcony‘ on Spotify.

Originally written for Belles & Gals on November 14th 2020.

Featured Image (C) Izzie Walsh

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