Sabine – Standing There

Shropshire-based artist Sabine’s new single ‘Standing There’ is a complimentary follow-up to her latest EP ‘Heart of Mine’. It continues the theme of hope in the midst of heartbreak, and is told using the same style of instrumentation as found on her most recent record.

Opening with a powerful guitar chord that reverberates with an Oasis-like twang, the song then evolves into an atmospheric sound that drifts through the ether with floating piano and a whimsical vocal. A slight drumbeat enters to indicate the change from verse to chorus, and vice versa, with the chorus itself being a simple statement of profound longing as she declares to her lover that ‘I’m standing there/ willing for you to forgive me’.

Sabine has co-written this song with Northamptonshire-based singer Adam Hogg, but her delivery feels no less personal than her previous work. Her vocals are as reflective as ever, gently searching through the chorus with an amplified sound that hints at comparisons with Dido. This is certainly the case with the song’s bridge, its electronica elements really helping to push Sabine’s voice out into an ethereal state of soft tones and sweeping motions. It packs a soft punch which brings the song to a hopeful, climactic end.
‘Standing There’ is a strong addition to Sabine’s growing catalogue of emotionally-charged tunes. She is certainly growing into an accomplished singer-songwriter.

You can stream ‘Standing There‘ on Spotify by clicking here.

Originally written for Belles & Gals on October 16th 2020.

Featured Image (C) Sabine Official

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