Molly & The Moon – In the Morning EP

I am doing Molly and The Moon a disservice by listening to their latest EP in the dark of the evening. I have just come in from a walk under the fading moon whose face is blotched with grey gauze clouds. It is a far cry from the bright light emanating from my laptop moments later as I finish downloading In the Morning and press play.

Opening song ‘Rise’ is made for the sun-soaked days of summer rather than the receding ones of late September. Its bright and bubbly sound is filled with hope and cheeriness. Meanwhile, ‘In the Morning’ is laid back and contemplative – a traditional folk sound that ruminates under the pale light of early dawn. ‘Cold is the Night’ is much more in keeping with the current clime, whose emotions reflect the sadness in the wind and tears in the rain. The full band sound gives an extra heart-wrenching pull when compared to the acoustic version; and the final delivery of the chorus proves more affective and laden with hope than the rather despondent end to the original.

‘Same God, New Face’ gives definition to the theme of the natural world that runs throughout this EP. It grants nature a divine image which, depending on your beliefs, could either reflect the Creator or reveal nature itself to be Sacred. Whatever the interpretation, there is truth to be found in the skies and prayer to be seen in the eyes of another, Molly-Anne declares. Such prayer often represents our deepest longing, to be free to follow our hearts, as final song ‘Compass’ suggests. It is another take on the encouragement of Kacey Musgraves to ‘follow your arrow wherever it points’. As the darkness of an impending winter approaches, in which the presence of coronavirus hangs like an overarching black cloud over the world, we could do worse than heed such words and continue dreaming towards our greatest desires.

‘We can’t stop the sun from falling’, Molly and The Moon admit, but ‘love will lift you back into daylight’. There is hope of a new dawn yet.

You can stream ‘In the Morning’ on Spotify here, or purchase the EP via Molly & The Moon‘s website here.

Featured Image (C) Molly & The Moon

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