Top Tunes with… A new site feature

Dear Independent Musicians

In light of what has happened as a result of the coronavirus, I’ve been wondering how best to offer my support during this incredibly tough time. I know that others are doing their bit to help promote you and your music, and I want to do the same. I don’t want to replicate what others are doing, but instead try and compliment their efforts. As a result, I have taken inspiration from a fellow arts website (that I also write for) to create a feature that I am calling Top Tunes with…. The idea is to send me your top five albums/singles and write a sentence or two about why you have chosen them and/or how they have influenced your own music. I also want to include a sixth choice, which will be one of your own songs. Pick one that you think would be the perfect introduction to your music for people who may not have come across you before. At the end of the feature, I will then include links to encourage people to: stream your music, purchase items from your online store; and donate where possible. I hope that by doing this, I can help support you in some small way and you have a little bit of fun choosing your favourite tracks in the process.

Be blessed,

Gareth x

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