Emily Faye – Here I Am EP

If you want to ease yourself into the summer, then listen to Here I Am, the debut EP of singer-songwriter Emily Faye. With a voice like candyfloss, this is easy listening country at its finest. The four tracks all differ slightly in tone and style. But there remains a sweetness to her vocal tone throughout the whole record. Opening track Open Road is a real feel-good number that comes complete with some fabulous guitar twanging sounds. It is easily the most recognisable Country & Western song on the EP. Moreover, it really evokes the idea of a road trip across America underneath the glorious light of a noonday sun.

If Open Road is for the highway, then Giving In is for the stops along the way. Its mellow and reflective sound winds us right down and we are left to ponder on our thoughts in the fading light of a cloud-free evening. This track has such a laid-back feel, even as its lyrics express love, loss and confusion. It is a simple composition over which Faye contemplates in the most gentle of vocal tones.

Such vocal temperament is given a hard edge in Game Over, as the sure and determined character of the lyrics cuts all cords with her hopeless lover. As such, the music is much more to the foreground. It has a steely vibe that is very reminiscent of the sound of Sadie & The Hotheads. Faye’s gorgeous harmony-filled tones continue, but you can hear the firm inflection within them that adds real authenticity to the lyrical story.

On Here I Am, Emily Faye saves the best until last. In my opinion, Me for Me is her showstopper. Whilst Open Road and Giving In have that wide-open-spaces feel, Me for Me was made for the small and intimate bar. With just her and a guitar, this track is a real showcase of her talents. It is beautifully sung, captivating in its sound, and has some gorgeous lyrics to boot.

By the time this EP finishes, you should be suitably relaxed and ready to enjoy the summer. I certainly am.

Featured Image (C) Emily Faye Music

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