Geoff Evans – Paper Planes

I’m stepping rather close to home this week in recommending a listen to a North Wales-based singer-songwriter. His name is Geoff Evans and he has just released his new EP Paper Planes. For someone who is still a relative unknown outside of his immediate locality, this four-track collection could be the one that takes him to the next level. It certainly contains songs that provide a very solid foundation upon which to build. Indeed, opening track Carry Me caught my ear immediately. Not only does it have a great little intro but when the vocals kick in, Evans immediately reminded me of his fellow countryman Al Lewis. In fact, musically, this track could be described as a high tempo version of Fall From Grace. Considering that I found this to be the weakest of all the tracks, it shows the potential that this EP has to be a breakthrough for Evans on the wider music scene. If this happens, Future Song definitely feels like the anthem to which the audience are most likely to sing along to. It is incredibly upbeat, with the lovely, late addition of a second guitar towards the end. This little touch was very nice, giving the song that cherry on top of a deliciously sweet icing of inspiring lyrics and positive beats. Whilst this feelgood tune will have you tapping your feet, the title track will have you stopping in your tracks. Paper Planes is an utterly captivating piece of music. It stunned me into silence. For four minutes, I hung on every word, waiting for a rousing crescendo that never came. This only adds to its awesome beauty however. With echos that have the feel of being in a large Cathedral space, and lyrics that are spoken more than sung, this definitely feels like a piece of art that evokes the sacred. No words can adequately convey its power. It is a song that you simply have to soak in. After such an experience, a cover version of a traditional Anglican Church tune seems apt. Again, Evans introduces a high tempo and upbeat sound in contrast to the song’s choral roots. In doing so, he creates something that sounds ready-made for a contemporary Christmas service. Overall then, Paper Planes is an excellent showcase for an artist who feels more assured than ever in his own sound. It feels like he is breaking away from the Christian music scene to carve his own path that remains influenced by the genre without being tied to its constraints. It is a path that I hope he continues as it has certainly served him well here. Indeed, Paper Planes should allow him to not only to take off across the North Wales music scene. It should also enable him to fly further afield too.

Paper Planes is available to download here.

Featured Image (C) Geoff Evans

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