Southern Halo – Debut Album

Adding to the wonderful sibling harmonies on the country music scene are Southern Halo. The Morris sisters – Natalia, Hannah and Christina – may only be in their late teens, but they are fast becoming a well-known trio across the pond. Born and bred in Cleveland, Mississippi, their self-titled debut album is far from the Blues sound of their birthplace. Instead, the sisters have produced an uplifting and energetic record, full of pop-inspired tunes in addition to an edgy rock sound. The final three songs on the album in particular (“Living Like That”, “Cowboys”, and “I Ain’t Crazy (But My Daddy Is)”) amplify the electric guitar to give them a lovely hard beat. They wouldn’t be out of place next to the likes of Carrie Underwood, for example. Before this, they deliver more standard fare – catchy pop tunes about young love (“Moonshine”) and heartbreak (“I Don’t Wanna Move On”). It is an interesting contrast, and probably reveals something of the compromise that the three have to make in accommodating their diverse musical preferences. For all this difference in musical styles however, the opening three songs on the album appear to have a linear theme running through them: “Little White Dress” is the desire to enjoy life before settling down; “Life Rolls On” is the clash between a care-free teenage life and the responsibilities of adulthood; and “Rewind” is that constant tension between the demands of work and spending time with loved ones. It is this wrestling between two states of being that gives this album a solid foundation, an insight into the sisters’ songwriting abilities. This album feels like a glimpse of what is possible if they continue to learn and improve. They may not be quite at the same level as Maddie & Tae or Ward Thomas yet. They are not far behind though. An impressive debut.

Featured Image (C) Southern Halo

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