Bregus – S4C

Hannah Daniel gives an impressive performance in S4C’s latest drama series, Bregus. She is almost unrecognisable from her best known role to date, playing straight-faced, sharp-tongued lawyer Cerys in Keeping Faith. Instead, she takes on the character of high-flying surgeon Ellie, whose vulnerability and fragile mental state begin to unravel following the sudden death of … More Bregus – S4C

Fflam – S4C

The recent S4C series Fflam was a slow-burner. I came to it with much intrigue and anticipation given the concept and acting talent. The idea of a woman, Noni, seeing her dead husband, Tim, again, after years believing he had died in a fire, sounded like the perfect spark from which to ignite a gripping … More Fflam – S4C

Megan O’Neill – Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

Two years ago, Megan O’Neill gave a spellbinding performance of her song ‘Ireland’ at C2C. It was one of those spine-tingling moments that live long in the memory, and has meant the release of her second album has been highly anticipated. The wait has been longer than expected, but the moment has finally arrived. Getting … More Megan O’Neill – Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty